Custom Fit, Handmade Shoes

  • Located in Eugene, Oregon area but remote fitting is available.
  • Able to fit feet that are long, short, wide, narrow etc.
  • Can build to accommodate orthopedic inserts
  • Pricing:
    • Dance Shoes: $1,200
    • Dress Shoes: $1,950
    • Chelsea Boots: $1,600
    • Cowboy Boots: $2,400
  • Exotic leathers (alligator, python, crocadile, ostrich) available at additional cost.



" The shoes are gorgeous! I've worn them a couple times (including tonight at a wedding, with dancing and such), and they're incredibly comfortable. No joke, I probably got 10 people asking me about them at the wedding."
- Joe, Portland OR

"Whenever I slip into my Romango Beatle Boots, my feet say - ahhh. yes. Thank you!"
- Bill Wadhams, Animotion
Bill Wadhams

"I'm very happy with the shoes. They fit more like a pair of gloves than a pair of shoes. I'm surprised it feels so effortless to have them on."
- Marty, Florida

"I wanted to take a moment to let you know I am enjoying the shoes immensely. The fit is great and the look fabulous. On August 25th, I was married and I had a really nice, long day in the shoes. They are super comfortable."
- Hans, Portland OR